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We need YOU for our virtual choir to help in the fight against Coronavirus! We are looking for musicians and singers to join us in bringing more hope into this world. Writer-composer James Chiao has created "In the Name of All Mankind", an original song to bring our communities together during this time of crisis. Please check out the videos below. If you are interested in joining this movement please upload your video recording or send an email to for more information. We look forward to receiving your song uploads!

If you would like more information, please contact:

Please use the following videos to PRACTICE singing "In the Name of All Mankind" (note: the voices in the karaoke are computer generated and the tempo is slower to help you learn it):





Please use the following videos to RECORD your music video.

Wear headphone to listen and watch this when recording your singing.

Soprano & Alto Recording Video: conductor points to his right side to bring in female voice
Tenor & Baritone Recording Video: conductor points to his left side to bring in male voice




Check out the PDF file of the music sheet and the orchestra mp3

In the Name of All Mankind - Orchestra

Recording Tips: ​

  • Sing the part that fits your vocal range: Soprano, Alto, Tenor or Baritone. 

  • Start the song with a 3 beat count. 

  • Record your video in a portrait setting (vertical like a cell phone). Make sure your head is not too low or too high - just like taking a portrait photo. A plain and clean background is preferred.

  • Wear headphones to hear the music (the recording video above) when you sing. This way only your voice is recorded.

  • Try to record it in a room that does not have too much echo and make sure the surrounding is quiet with no background noise.

  • Your tempo needs to follow the tempo of the music. 

  • Vibrato should be minimum. This is not for a solo, it is for a chorus. 

  • We are looking for a recording of your singing in a video file. This way, we can get both the audio and video from you to highlight in our upcoming new music video.


Please save your video recording file in the following format:

  • S.Firstname.Lastname.mp4    (Soprano)

  • A.Firstname.Lastname.mp4    (Alto)

  • T.Firstname.Lastname.mp4     (Tenor)

  • B.Firstname.Lastname.mp4     (Baritone)

Please also include a word document (or similar) contact file that includes your name, email address, city, country, and any information about a choir you might be part of. Please similarly save this in the following format:

  •  (Soprano)

  •   (Alto)

  •   (Tenor)

  •   (Baritone)  

We hope this will be a fun project for you during the lockdown. Please let us know if you have any questions and we will be in contact if your singing video is chosen to be part of our video.


Thank you - please stay safe and healthy!

Music Sheets:

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